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Web Designer for Fidelis Room and Breakfast

Discover the allure of FIDELIS ROOM & BREAKFAST, nestled in the captivating region of Apulia (Puglia), in the scenic South East of Italy, where traditions and nature harmoniously coexist.

As a proud native of this splendid region, collaborating with FIDELIS was not just a job, but a privilege. Designing each page was akin to weaving dreams, immersing myself in the paradisiacal ambiance that Apulia exudes. The prospect of returning to this enchanting place is eagerly anticipated.

This website, a product of my exclusive development, presented a unique challenge – a geo-local translation. Beyond a conventional language switch, the client sought a dynamic translation that adapts based on the visitor’s location. Navigating this challenge, I ensured a seamless user experience, tailoring content to the audience’s geographical context.

Furthermore, the intricacies of establishing room-specific book timetables added an extra layer of complexity. Presently, all bookings are temporarily on pause due to ongoing renovations at the B&B.

Embark on a virtual journey through the FIDELIS ROOM & BREAKFAST website, meticulously crafted to capture the essence of Apulia’s charm

Link to the website here 


Fidelis mockups

Explore snapshots of the Fidelis – Room and Breakfast website in the carousel below!

Crafted with creativity and precision, this website was meticulously designed using WordPress. Leveraging a theme as the foundation, I customized the code where needed, primarily focusing on CSS to ensure a seamless and visually appealing user experience. Take a peek into the digital ambiance of Fidelis – Room and Breakfast, where design meets functionality.