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Graphic Designer at Shell Energy

During my time at Shell Energy, my gig was to jazz up the designs for all things Shell Energy. I brought in my expertise and art direction mojo to make sure everything that came out was not just top-notch but also consistent. Let’s just say, making things look good was my jam.

Shell Energy digital comms examples

Working with agencies to deliver big marketing campaigns

During my stint at Shell Energy, I was the go-to for strategic and creative genius in marketing services. From spicing up email campaigns and crafting compelling videos to fine-tuning photos and print materials, I specialised in all things digital.

Not only did I steer the ship in guiding and collaborating with the talented design and development teams, but I also took the lead in executing projects from start to finish. Transforming ideas into impactful realities was not just a job for me – it was a passion.

Thinking out of the box, but staying on Brand

In the world of design, my passion is turning the ordinary into extraordinary, even within the tightest guidelines.

During my time at Shell Energy, I successfully contributed to the creation of eye-catching marketing campaigns that didn’t just meet strict brand guidelines but elevated them. The images below are a testament to my ability to seamlessly blend two powerhouse brands, Shell and Google, in a way that’s not just fashionable but instantly recognisable. Let’s chat about how my creativity and strategic approach can bring a fresh perspective to your team.