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Graphic Designer at Kingsley Hamilton Group

Welcome to my professional journey with Kingsley Hamilton Group in Canary Wharf, London. As a Graphic Designer, I dedicated three enriching years to this dynamic organization that comprised several key entities:

  1. Kingsley Hamilton Estates
  2. Kingsley Hamilton People (Recruitment)
  3. KB Accountancy Group

During my tenure, I had the privilege of contributing my design expertise to these distinct yet interconnected arms of Kingsley Hamilton Group. Each entity brought its unique challenges and opportunities, fostering my growth as a Graphic Designer in a multifaceted professional environment.

Explore the intersection of design and business within Kingsley Hamilton Group as I share insights into my role and the collaborative ventures that enriched my experience during these impactful three years.

KH estate chinese
KH Estate website chinese

Working as Web Designer for website in English and in Chinese

At Kingsley Hamilton Group, I collaborated with exceptional copywriters and designers as a part of the Marketing team.

One of the most demanding projects I undertook was the development of the Chinese version of the Kingsley Hamilton website. Taking on the challenge, I independently crafted the entire website, navigating through the Chinese-language backend. Throughout this venture, I had the pleasure of working closely with the Chinese team responsible for managing the copy.

Despite the language barrier, the result was nothing short of spectacular. It was truly gratifying to witness the collective satisfaction of the entire company upon achieving this milestone, especially considering my lack of proficiency in Chinese. This experience not only showcased my design skills but also demonstrated the power of effective cross-cultural collaboration.

Web Design and more

Throughout my tenure at Kingsley Hamilton Group, I actively engaged in diverse digital support and print projects, contributing to a multifaceted portfolio.

One notable accomplishment was my collaboration in conceptualizing and designing a comprehensive exhibition hosted at the bustling heart of Canary Wharf’s Shopping Centre. This unique project not only added vibrancy to the physical space but also created a digital footprint, generating increased visibility and engagement. Being part of such a impactful initiative was a source of great pride for me.

Explore my versatile design contributions at Kingsley Hamilton Group, spanning both digital and print realms, as I continually strive to blend creativity with strategic impact.