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Web designer for Rapports

RApport serves as a vital bridge between pharmaceutical companies and regulatory authorities, offering crucial support in development programs, aligning plans with regulators, and navigating applications through the intricate regulatory process.

Working with this passionate and dedicated team has been a delight. I had the privilege of spearheading the creation of their entire website, a project encompassing over 13 pages, completed within a tight timeframe.

Our major triumph lay in condensing extensive content into a sleek and clean design, ensuring an engaging user experience. Collaborating with another designer, we handpicked and edited images to seamlessly integrate with the overall aesthetic, adding a visual dimension to the comprehensive information provided. Dive into the user-friendly interface we’ve crafted to discover more about RApport’s pivotal role in the pharmaceutical regulatory landscape.

Link to the website here 


Some screenshots from RApports

Check out the snapshots in the carousel below for a glimpse into the Rapports Website!

Crafted with creativity and precision, this website was brought to life using WordPress. I employed a theme as a foundation and customised the code where needed, focusing mainly on CSS to ensure a seamless and visually appealing user experience. Take a scroll through these images to see the dynamic and user-friendly design that makes the Rapports Website stand out.